Exact Aiming Survival
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ErezKristal 2017 Jun 21, 2:38 CET
I woke up 3 am in the morning after several weeks of suffering from vertigos, I had this weird dream/feeling that the world is spinning and I can't move. One of my worst nights in my life. First thing I did obviously was check for stroke, And what better way to do so that check reaction time and take EAS for a spin. Next thing I know I breaking my monthly record without the usual smooth pad.

Thank you training 400 kg for calming my mind. Now to keep chewing on those peppers, I neglected those precious body-mind boosters.
ErezKristal 2017 Jun 16, 8:55 CET
Mouse aiming skills are like riding bicycles.
aquadriceps 2017 Jun 12, 19:23 CET
ЛООООООООООООЛ По фану сыграл и попал на 7 место
Obi-WanKenobi 2017 Jun 12, 19:14 CET
Крутая эта катка. Прошлый рекорд 88 тыс сделал. Нужно будет осенью или зимой побить его.
fursan. 2017 Jun 10, 10:08 CET
здарова! топ 66
toxa2 2017 Jun 11, 7:56
Aist_Marabu 2017 Jun 5, 3:50 CET
у пацана на первом месте отрыв от второго 60к очков... ппц он жесткий
ErezKristal 2017 May 24, 10:18 CET
This is my favorite exercise by far. It really pushes your limits on all fronts.
Pasutazame 2017 May 25, 16:55
It's like learning to juggle with sharp knives. First you need to practice oranges. You can not feel your limit, you are afraid of making a mistake. Train in normal mode, do not miss a target, try to keep track of all 5 balls) gl)
boris_uzdenov 2017 Jun 5, 19:39
хз, мне не очень нравится, может это и плохо..
ErezKristal 2017 May 14, 14:05 CET
Site has been hacked
GG403716447 2017 May 14, 10:11 CET
GG1219143555 2017 May 14, 10:11 CET
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