• Fast Aiming
    Basic training of quickness.
  • Fast Aiming Masters
    You should aim in the center of the target. Points for hit depends from it.
  • Fast Aiming Pro
    Size and "life time" of the target is reduced.
  • Fast Aiming Mass Click
    You should to hit down 150 targets so fast as you can. Appears at once 50 targets on the screen.
  • Fast Aiming Double
    There are two targets at the same time. For receiving points you must hit both.
  • Fast Aiming Triple
    Appears three targets. To get points you must get all three. On each triple-hit the targets life time decreases.
  • Fast Aiming Quadro
    You see four targets. To get points you must hit all four. On each quadruple-hit the targets size decreases.