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veryyy one
omg second all top ten
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ghostav2022/08/11 (Modified in 11 min.)
Wasting electricity for a place on the leaderboard and not even it even worth it?
Just imagine thousands of users leaving their power-hungry beasts on for days just to claim a spot on the leaderboard. (Loads of currency wasted)
But if you do it in a cheap way for example with a laptop then it's alright.
The power usage of a gaming PC is usually around 400-700 Watts which is 6 times higher than a laptop's power usage.
Just be smart and cheap, and you'll save a few bucks!
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If you are smart enough a gaming pc only consumes only that much power when you use benchmarks all day where cpu and gpu usage is at 100%. Even in games it is very unlikely your pc draws 400-700W unless you are gaming on rtx 3090 ti with 4k resolution on an optimized game. Just be smart dude.
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