Trainings for gamers

Cybersport is the last stage of sport evolution. Thats why it develops according to the rules of big sport. Every kind of sport has its own special trainings, so the players could raise their skill in techniques, punches, accuracy etc.

Lets take a look at the hockey. Every professional hockey player could strike down the aim with high speed and great accuracy. Because its necessary for scoring a goal =) ! During the match a player has only few shoots on goal, and training this way would take a lot of time. To make the practice more useful hockey player puts the pucks in to different positions, and shoots the target thousands of times without any barriers (opponents, goalkeeper).

When a new kind of sport appears there are no any methods of practice. A new trainings appear and as time goes by they improve. At the first years of hockey, there were no any trainings, and quality of a game was much more poor that nowadays.You watch the match that took place 20 years ago and check it.

Tennis. A sportsmen plays with a wall, rolls special simulators, kick off a passes of special machine to rise up the skill. Soccer - dribling, speed, power of shoot, different techniques. I could continue for ever and ever.

The trainings are not so intresting as a game itself, but if you want to become a professional you should train! Thats the reality of sport.

Back to the cybersport. Its the youngest branch of sport. There are no any standarts or trainings. But cybersport grows very fast and becomes more professional, so anyway soon the trainings shall appear. This site is the first step to cybersport practice. It devoted to a mouse, because mouse is the main element in all PC game, either strategies or FPS games.

Now lets gain understandig of aim term. What does it consists of? In order to start practicing you should understand what EXACTLY you ought to train. Aiming is actually directing the shunt of the mouse on the needed point on the screen and pushing the mouse1 button on time. It doesnt matter what colour the point is and what color the background is (they should differ). The smaller this point, the harder to aim.

Now lets think together, what should we do to make a perfect frag:
  1. You should direct your aim at opponents model earlier than him
  2. You should push mouse1 button earlier than your opponent
  3. You should push mouse1 button exactly at the moment your mouse pointer is right on his model
Lets check out this process according to our body:
  • You see the model. (Your eyes notice the model).
  • Your eyes send information to your brain about what they saw.
  • The brain analyses information.
  • The brain sends information to the muscles of your hand.
  • The hand reacts.
It takes 0.14 - 0.24 seconds.

The one that makes all these points earlier would win the shooting duel. (We dont talk about the mistakes that are connected with shooting while strafing and jump shooting.)

At final you need:
  1. To make the movement of the mouse faster that your opponent.
  2. This movement should be more correct and accurate. (Without any sinuosity movements.)
  3. You should push the button earlier than your opponent.

During the game you running on the map, speak to your teammates; your head is full of tactics, you think about positioning, listen to info. And you dont notice that at this moment you drive the mouse on your func. But all the action in the game is just keyboard and mouse movement. Thats all. You dont need anything to play the game. During the 2 minutes of teamplay (5x5) or game on public server youll practice you aim an about 5 times. On DM-server 30 times. And if you play the aim-games on this site, you would practice your aim 250 times!!! Do you feel the difference? That is the method, that will let you to practice pure-aiming.

Someone says: "I dont need this aim-games. I got different mouse sensitivity in CS (Warcraft, Quake and so on)" Ok. Lets get back to the physics of mouse movement. On what distance do you move the mouse when you are shooting for a long range? Its just several millimeters, and sometimes even less. And try to remember the movement of the mouse when an enemy suddenly appears close to you, or somewhere behind. Its a quick long movement through all mouse pad, but anyway you try to make it with accuracy. Here is moral: mouse movements depend on the distance of the opponent.

You can make high mouse sensitivity in Windows and train "short mouse movements" playing in aim game. Or you can low it and train "long mouse movements" for short distances in CS. I think the best settings is middle mouse sense in Windows, for training most often situations in CS middle distances. Its your choice though =).

So I suggest you 3 different types of games for each constituent of aim:
  1. Accuracy of aiming: "Exact aiming"
  2. Quick mouse movements: "Fast aiming"
  3. Mouse1 reaction: "Press reaction"

If you play each of them 20 times a day, soon you will become the real terminator:) If you play Starcraft or Warcraft youll have crazy unit conrol. If you play CS you will react on the grenades. I dont even talk about the enemies.

Shooting is 60% of CS. Its useless to train tactics if you dont shoot well, cause finally the opponent will apperar and kill you. The opponent will be faster and more accurate than you. And after that usually starts thinkings in a way: "What have I done wrong?", "May be it was wrong position?", "May be I had to wait?", "May be I shouldnt start shooting?" NO YOU SHOULD! So just a little bit of patience and youll see the result!

To make the training more interesting you are able to save new personal records. There are statistics which are gathered on this site and you can get into the elite-rank player table. Also you can duel on the play money (aimbucks), increase your status using it and fill up your collection.

P.S. In future the site will be developing. New sections, design, different things will be adding. If your have any ideas, offers or found bugs, write to our forum.

gl hf !