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Fine and you?
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LIB10 h. ago
Today was a day for sure.
LIB2 d. 13 h. ago
Confusion may bring demise. Or it might just make things better (I overdid it this day) by making you unaware of a situations that appear like undefeatable obstacles, but aren't.
LIB2024/07/07 (Modified in 2 min. 49 sec.)
Always have a backup; your progress will be lost if you do not. Notably you should make multiple copies in different locations such as a hard drive, some cloud service or a simple USB (or heck even printing them out) whilst reinforcing your original progression, make said backups every single week (at minimum). If you think otherwise, picture this, you arduosly work for a whole week and just when you think you're doing great and that the next days will be cake- And then everything you've done so far just gets deleted forever, irrespectively of cause, you'll experience a great pain of having lost both time and effort towards something you've worked for so hardly.
Always have a backup plan; you won't always count with the same resources every time. Fallback if needed, use a lesser tool to continue and keep your guard up. Doing this (while being patient) will help you slowly recover the ground you had lost.
LIB2024/06/26 (Modified in 11 sec.)
Every day can be ordinary or extraordinary, it is up to you to make that day like that.
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